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Why Buying a Used Kia is a Great Idea

green Kia Soul

Whether you’re looking for a stylish commuter car like the Rio to get you to and from coupled with a great fuel economy, or a compact crossover like the Sportage, Kia has got you covered!

Now, if you’re for a good-looking ride that won’t force you into a strict diet of Mr. Noodles for six months (unless you’re into that), buying a used Kia might be just what you’ve been after. In the recent years Kia has really pushed past its competitors, showing off an awesome ability to combine affordability, style, upscale features and high safety ratings into one vehicle. With a Kia, you’re getting great value, whether you buy new or pre-owned. Join us today at Applewood Kia Surrey and drive away with the vehicle you deserve and a little extra money left over in your pocket.

It really is a win-win situation.

Kia vehicles began to take on a new and improved look when the company brought on Chief Designer Peter Schreyer in 2006. You might have noticed the iconic Tiger Grille popping up on models within the past several years. Schreyer wanted each Kia to have a distinct and dignified face, which is why he designed the new grille to resemble a tiger’s nose, talk about fierce!

The grille isn’t the only new design feature by any means. Schreyer, a German designer who previously worked for Volkswagen, definitely infused the vehicles with a more polished, European look in general since his start with the company.

Used Kia Forte interior

Plenty of used Kias come with high-end features. Here are some of our favourites:

Power Folding Mirrors: These are super helpful when parking in tight spaces or on busy roads. If you live in a dense city, you will definitely see the value in these.

Push-Button Start: You can heat up your car, or cool it down from the comfort of your home. Enough said.

Rear-View Camera: This simplifies sometimes tricky maneuvers such as parallel parking on a busy street, and increases safety when in reverse.

Blind Spot Detectors: These detectors have sensors that monitor movement in your blind spot. These are especially helpful if you do a lot of highway driving.

Navigation: Many vehicles come with On-Star, and higher-grade models come with a built-in navigation system that works much like your smartphone.

Power Lift Gates: Press a button to open the trunk hands-free, that way you don't need to put down all of your groceries or shopping bags to load the trunk.

Heated and Ventilated Seats: These features come in some of the higher-grade models, and bring you next level comfort no matter the season.

Slide and Stow Seats: Need more space in your vehicle for your skis or snowboard, or maybe just your luggage for a road trip? Slide and stow seats make your ride customizable based on all of the different things you’ll use it for.

Features aside, Kia cars have some of the highest ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The ratings are based on things such as how well the vehicle protects the driver and passengers during a crash, and how well a vehicle can prevent a crash and limit the severity. To read more about how specific models rank, see the link at the bottom of the page.

Come down to Applewood Kia Surrey and let’s find you the model that has your name written all over it!

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