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5 Cool Things About the Kia Soul

Style isn’t something that comes easy to most brands.

But then again, Kia isn’t just any automaker. With a style guide that is consistently pushing the limits, driving one of the latest models is sure to get you noticed. The Soul is no exception to this fact. With an elevated look and impressive features, it’s worth taking a moment to review what makes the Soul such a favourite amongst drivers looking for their next car.


1) Meet Your Soul Mate

A lot of companies these days are pursuing the idea of making the world a better place, whether that’s through cleaner burning diesel or simply more effective engines that reduce their carbon footprint, we’re really watching a new age of automotive design come to bloom this decade.

Kia isn’t late to the party.

The Soul can be many things to a variety of driver types, and now, for those of you who want an incredibly well-devised vehicle that is also entirely electric are in for a treat. The Soul EV is the technologically advanced car eager to change cynics of the new stage of automotive development that electric vehicles are worth their mettle.

With 192-cell lithium-ion polymer battery, at 27-kWh and 360-volts, the Soul EV will give you range of 149 kilometres on a single charge. The battery size alone allows for more space so you can do more and enjoy the roads with the satisfaction of a reliable, modern vehicle. 


2) Highest Rated Non-Luxury Vehicle

Alright, so there’s an electric model and that’s great for those who want to drive one but what about drivers that are still interested in conventional gasoline-powered cars?

Earning J.D. Power 2015 U.S. Initial Quality StudySM (IQS)’s second place overall against brands the likes of Jaguar, Infiniti, Lexus, and so on, the Soul is certainly getting a good reputation from the professionals and the award committees.

This specific accolade reflects on exterior, driving experience, features/controls/displays/, audio/entertainment, seats, heating, ventilation, interior, and engine/transmission. Phew! That’s quite a list, and yet, with all considered the Soul still comes up in the top when excluding Porsche. 


3) Uniquely Designed Safety Features

Most car companies out there will reward their drivers with effective but rather general safety features. One of the parts that we really like on the Soul is the fact that the safety features have been specifically designed for it.

This starts with the body, which is constructed with ultra-high-strength steel reinforcements for impact-aversion and stress distribution in the case of impact. The standard front and front side airbags help keep you secured when they deploy, with additional dual-row side curtain airbags with an automatic features that unlocks the doors making exiting simple when it has to be done swiftly. 


4) The Marketing

Alright, now this is a bit of a strange one, sure. But when you think of the approach taken by the various manufacturers it’s easy to see how casual Kia makes talking about a car.

They don’t want you to feel intimidated, nor do they want you to pretend that this will change the way you look at the world and contribute to a great evolution of character.

Kia wants you to have fun when you drive the Soul, and given all the facts, accolades, and exceptional experiences that it offers, we can be pretty certain that you will. 


5) A True Crossover

There’s been a general dilution of the term crossover over the last few generations with vehicles claiming to be a crossover when most would otherwise call them proper SUVs. This is not the case for the Soul.

Spacious and an excellent option for families, the Soul offers a clear line between the two segments it blends. Enjoy a fuel efficiency that lends itself more to the car segment while you have the capabilities to get out and explore with the confidence that inspires from the SUV class.

Whatever roads you want to travel, this is a vehicle positioned properly and engineered to offer you the outstanding qualities that go above and beyond the call. If you want to learn more about this or other vehicles in the Kia family, come down to Applewood Kia Surrey and we’ll be happy to offer you the information and the results that you deserve!


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