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Lease Used Fleet Vehicles in Surrey, BC

Leasing doesn't apply to only new vehicles. For businesses looking to get extra value out of their fleet investment, Applewood Kia Surrey provides used fleet vehicle leasing options.

Advantages to leasing a used fleet vehicle include lower payments, lower insurance premiums, and reduced residual risk.

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Used Vehicle Leasing Advantages

Every company has a unique set of needs when it comes to their fleet. That's why Applewood Kia Surrey tailors fleet solutions to match the needs of your business. Used vehicle leasing can be an excellent option for many companies, given their benefits:

Lower Payments

Because a used vehicle will already have undergone much of its depreciation, you will have lower payments and less residual risk. You also gain the benefit of lower insurance premiums on your fleet vehicles, while retaining all of the other advantages of leasing.

Maintain manufacturer's warranty

When you lease a late-model used vehicle, you will often still retain the advantage of a new vehicle warranty. If you are considering an older fleet vehicle, but still want the protection of a warranty, Applewood Kia Surrey also offers a used vehicle warranty plan to give you additional protection and peace of mind.

Maintenance Costs Usually Aren't Higher Than New

When you lease a late-model fleet vehicle, you are just continuing the manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule. When you lease a used vehicle that is under 3 years old, or under 72,000 km, you also continue to get new vehicle warranty protection.

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