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A Large Inventory of New Kia Vehicles near Vancouver

Applewood Kia Surrey has a complete collection of brand new Kia vehicles for every need, lifestyle, and budget. At Applewood Kia Surrey, you are sure to find the new Kia vehicle you have been searching for, and we guarantee that our customer service will go above and beyond your expectations.

A Complete Inventory of New Kia Sedans, Hatchback, and Coupes

Applewood Kia Surrey loves to offer its customers a lot of choices and options when the time comes to buy a new vehicle. That’s why you will find in our inventory a wide range of brand new Kia sedans like the subcompact Kia Rio, the compact Kia Forte that has been completely redesigned, the midsize Kia Optima, and the high-end and very luxurious Kia Cadenza.

We have the new Kia vehicle in the trim and color you want, and we also offer various body styles that are offered within a given Kia model’s lineup. For example, we always have plenty of new Kia Forte5 and Kia Forte Koup models, as well as the Kia Rio5.

The Versatile New Vehicle You Are Looking for Is at Applewood Kia Surrey

Applewood Kia Surrey features a wide range of new Kia sport utility vehicles including the brand-new Kia Niro, the first exclusively hybrid new Kia sport utility vehicle that has an average fuel economy rating of fewer than 5.0 liters per 100 kilometers.

We also offer a full inventory of new Kia Sportage compact sport utility vehicles as well as a wide selection of brand new Kia Sorento midsize SUVs that offer all the room in the world for seven passengers. And if you are looking for something a bit more compact yet still versatile, why not check out the brand new Kia Soul in all the vibrant colors we have in inventory. And finally, for families on the go, Applewood Kia Surrey has a huge inventory of brand new Kia Sedona minivans to offer you.

Come and discover our complete inventory of brand new Kia sedans, minivans, coupes, hatchbacks and sport utility vehicles today.